Facebook Marketplace Special

Facebook Special Prices!

We are so happy that you would like to be a brand model for Ollie and Stace. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to try on your own social pages. 

$50 Framed Portrait 

The pupbassador is relatively simple, this is a chance to way to make some extra cash showing off your O+S custom artwork!

$25 Digital Portrait 

✦ You are an Ollie and Stace supporter who believes in our brand... you love our art!
✦ You have an audience who engages with your post
✦ You love to create content of your pet

15% Rest of the collection 

ambassador special bundle

✦ Start with a 15% off discount off any custom item with code: "NEWEST" at checkout
If you’re happy with the item (guaranteed smiles) and a supporter of us we would be happy to send you perks and further % off our new products!

✦ Get the ULTIMATE BUNDLE for 50% off the lowest price.
You will receive 3 of our best-selling products that will give you ample opportunity to create photo/video/story content- code: "BUNDLED" at checkout 

How does it work?

We set you up a custom code for you to give out to your friends, family and followers. The code will be 10% off everything on the site.
ex. 10% off site use code “ STACE ” at checkout

Perks + Benefits

✦ You have an uncapped limit of potential commissions
✦ We feature your pet on our growing social platforms
✦ Going forward using your artwork, everything is 25% off

When/how do I get paid?

 We keep track and pay out commissions the first day of the next month! We pay through PayPal. 

How do I promote?

STEP 1: Create some photo content of your fur baby with their new O+S custom portrait
STEP 2: Show off your new artwork!

Here are some examples of our current ambassadors:

1. Post your photo on your social feed featuring your discount code in caption. We want to see your fur baby next to their custom creations!

How about a couple video stories showing the comparison and cuteness!!
Quick stories will express how much you love your new portrait, add your custom code as well!


Use digital copy as your display picture, just upload as your new profile pic in settings

Add discount code in your Instagram bio ex. CODE: WHISKEY 10% off @ollieandstace

4. Create a linktr.ee with your custom code. Post your linktr.ee in your Instagram bio

Word of mouth:

Why not just show your friends/family/followers your new product, the more people you tell and show, the more 💰💰 you can make! 

ollie+stace ambassador program


Have any questions? Feel free to drop us a message!


The O+S Team