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Digital Copy (One Pet Add on)

Digital Copy (One Pet Add on)

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Digital Copy | 100% digitally drawn portrait of your pet!

*Please note that this is an add-on option only that must be ordered with a portrait order

We will draw based off the photos you provide. Show off your portrait as many times on as many devices as you'd like. Perfect for your phone, laptop, or tablet, the options are heckin cute and endless. This image will be sure to brighten up your day every time you see it. 


  • Font: Classic Style will be written in the middle of the screen for screen optimization. If you prefer the name written vertical, top right (dalmatian) please make a note. (2 or more pets, font will be written in the middle)

  • Two or three pets: Please upload individual photos of each pet

    Files you get with ordering 2 or 3 pets:

    1. File of your pet's side by side

What kind of photos do I upload?

1. Light: Natural light or near a window with lots of sunlight. We want the lighting to display your pets true fur colouring. 

2. Quality: Use a smart phone or quality camera. We want to be able to capture every unique detail of your pet. 

3. Positioning: Head: Let's get them looking directly at the camera.
Body: The more front facing body, the better. Getting down to their level for this works wonders.

Pro tip - dangle their favourite toy or treat above the camera to get their attention to the lens.

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  • 100% Digitally drawn and made to order

  • Personalized gift for pet owners and lovers

  • Female owned business rooted in beautiful Canada